Sunya Currie Collections - we specialize in designing and selling unique, one of a kind, handmade jewelry, clothing and gifts

"It has been my pleasure to search the far corners of the world for the magical beads and semi-precious stones that form the exquisite handmade pieces in my collections."
                - Sunya Currie


unya Currie has always viewed life as a treasure hunt and her decorative accessories and jewelry reflects just that.

In each beautiful piece, you can see the thrill of the quest, the wonderment Sunya feels when she's able to glean Austrian crystal, Venetian hand-blown glass, Oriental jade, Baltic amber, Siberian amethyst, Asian fresh water pearls from the far reaches of the world... and most of all, the joy she feels in the creative process of putting together her rare findings into something ravishing.

Drawing upon her passion for Oriental and European art and antiques, Sunya combines her love for the past and her dreams for the future into wearable art that is very much now. Because of that timeless appeal, her collections have been showcased in some of the most exclusive shops in the world.

What a pleasure to bring this treasure trove directly to you along with Sunya's words: "My greatest wish would be that you experience as much joy wearing my jewelry as I had creating it, and in so doing, share the beauty of the world with me."

- Sunya Currie

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