Sunya's Venice Boutique

On June 21, 2015, Sunya Currie closed her very special shop located for 45 years in Venice, California.  Here's her letter to patrons from early 2015:

1130 Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Our doors will be closing June 21!

Dear Friends,

My grand old dame of a building was built in 1932 by the Elks Club of Venice. In the exciting productive years that followed, she was occupied by candy makers, glass blowers, film-animators, and artists of all kinds.

I came along in 1968, and was lucky enough to buy her in 1970. I opened an antique shop, which evolved into a studio and showcase for my jewelry designs. As the years passed, the sleepy street outside my window woke up, became livelier, edgier. Palms were planted and as they grew, the street changed too… and even changed it’s name from West Washington to Abbott Kinney Boulevard. Then, with the new century, Dot-Coms moved in, and a new name was added to the bustling location… “Silicon Beach”.

A great old song proclaims “Everything Must Change”… and I find myself changing, too. Although I will continue to create and promote my jewelry collection, ( I find I no longer require so much space and will be leasing it out soon.

It’s with a heavy heart and a sense of hopeful anticipation, that I confess both I, and my beautiful grand old dame of a building are ready for a new creative adventure. Thank you all for your friendship, patronage, and good times over the years.

-- Sunya Currie