The Artist

An antique collector with a passion for Oriental and European fine art, Sunya Currie has used her extensive knowledge and expertise to create a unique collection of jewelry that combines diverse cultures and eras in an unforgettable way.

Designing jewelry for more than 20 years, Sunya has carved a special place for herself in the jewelry marketplace. Her exotic creations combine treasures she has personally gathered from the four corners of the earth: Austrian crystal, Venetian handmade glass, Oriental jade, Baltic amber, Siberian amethyst, Asian fresh-water pearls, and much, much, more. Her color combinations are arresting, inspired by nature and by her own inimitable color sense, resulting in pieces with timeless appeal.

Sunya's customers and collectors all concur that Sunya's jewelry reflects the beauty of the woman as well as the beauty of the stones. They are all convinced that once you have seen a Sunya Currie design, you will be irresistibly drawn to it.